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A "Work" Adventure of a Life Time

So, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I spent last week in Alabama with Sharon O'Mara and Melanie Davis (two super awesome and talented softball coaches from America). I can't even being to explain the amazing experiences they gave me. Along with having some fun exploring and experiencing their Southern ways, we also did a lot of work related planning, creating, and strategizing together! Coach Davis and Coach O'mara both coached the softball team at Troy University for many years. Coach O'mara was also a coach of Team Venezuela in 2010. Both are incredibly talented and gave me some great advise for me to take back to Canada and implement in my own coaching strategies. I can't wait to spread more knowledge about this sport I am super passionate about.

Here are a couple photos from my trip!

This was at the Alabama college football game against LSU! 105,000 people fit into this stadium, absolutely crazy!

Of course I had to bring out my camera and snap a few pictures of our day trip to Panama City Beach...the sunset was so beautiful over the water!

Now this is "Alabama snow" in my opinion...a lot warmer than the stuff up here in Canada, that's for sure. We stopped to take a few photos of this cotton field, I've never seen one before!

On top of all the softball talk/planning and the crazy amount of exploring, I also got to do a sweet photo shoot with two very talented softball athletes which made my trip even MORE exciting! Hope and Hannah Mynard are a twin sister pitcher/catcher duo. They are in their senior year of high school this year and just last week officially signed with two separate college teams. On top of being extraordinary athletes, they both work alongside Sharon O'mara coaching younger softball athletes pitching, catching, and hitting...and they ROCK at it too. The Mynard twins definitely have a bright future ahead of them, and I can't wait to see where their talents take them.

All in all, this trip was so beneficial to me in a lot of ways. I was able to learn a lot about what it takes to be a great coach and keep my students motivated all through the winter months as well as guide them in the right direction they want to go. I got to take in so many beautiful sights and enjoy gorgeous weather. And I got to do my first out-of-the-country photo shoot EVER!!! I hope to be doing a lot more traveling like this in the future...I think I caught the "travel bug"...

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