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One of the best and most frequent compliments I receive from clients is that they feel so empowered and safe to express themselves while creating with me. I am very proud of this, and is something I live by when creating any type of portrait.

We are all a work in progress, and I would be shocked to hear if you have never struggled with your own body image. I will happily confess to you that I have my fair share of insecurities that I'm constantly learning to love, and I truly believe this is why I am so passionate about my work. 

I believe we all deserve to see ourselves in the same light as our friends, family, and partners do. Beautiful, strong, incredible beings that have been through such unique journeys. 

What I want you to know, is that boudoir around here is about accepting, cherishing, and loving the SHIT (sorry, yes, I swear a little me) out of your perfectly imperfect body. It's about cherishing this chapter you're in, being a role model of unconditional love and confidence for your kids...or dog, cat, BFF, whatever... and proving to yourself that you are totally capable of showing up with boss babe energy whenverrrrrr you want, wherever you want. 

And if that kinda scares you a little, well first of all, isn't that what they say? Do something that scares you every day? AND ALSO, don't worry, I'm here to help you show up with that "it girl" energy. It's kind of my job, and I love it. 

There is no relationship more important than that of the relationship with yourself.

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what to expect


Once your session is booked, I'm here to offer as much guidance as you need. I'll start by sending you a prep guide that covers everything from outfit suggestions to skin care tips. AND I'm always just an email or text away if you are still feeling like you need a second opinion.


It's photoshoot day! We'll have a blast listening to good music as I guide you through every pose, and I guarantee you'll have at least 3 "THAT'S ME?!" moments when I show you the back of the camera.
My one and only focus during this time we have together is making sure you feel comfortable expressing your most genuine self.


About a week after our session, I get to see you again to show you your full photo gallery! We'll spend as much time as you'd like choosing your favourite images, and create the final works of art. We'll talk albums, wall art, and digital images. After that, I'll be onto perfecting your final images and getting them into your hands.

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Your investment in yourself is fully customizable to ensure you're getting EXACTLY what you're envisioning. You deserve to honour yourself through this experience however feels best to you. 

Session fees include a 60 minute session (time for 2 looks), 3 fully retouched digital images, and $50 towards additional digitals or prints. 

You get to choose if you want to invest solely in a digital collection of images, or maybe you would love to invest in an album, or maybe a combination of both. The choice is yours, and there's never any pressure or obligation to buy. 

Have a few more questions before taking the leap in honouring yourself? 

Check out my FAQ's page, or send me an email; I'd love to chat! xoxo

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Client Experiences

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"I've never seen myself look so beautiful."
"If you want to see how beautiful you are, Carlee captures that in each photo making you feel so confident and gorgeous. She made me feel so comfortable taking each photo, we had good chats and laughs and she’ll make you feel like you have known her forever. If you are looking for a photographer look no further - she is amazing at what she does and has a fantastic eye for each photo taken.

Once I received the final edits of the photos, I nearly cried cause I’ve never seen myself look so beautiful. In a world where we criticize how we look constantly, boudoir changed how I look at myself and I’ll definitely be going back to Carlee.

10/10 would highly recommend Carlee as either your first time or experienced boudoir shoot."


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are you ready to unlock your inner goddess?

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Thanks for submitting!

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