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Boudoir is a life-changing, confidence-boosting experience

One of the most common statements I hear when clients are booking with me is they feel awkward in front of the camera, or don't take good photos. Please know you're not alone if this has ever crossed your mind. Trust me - I get it. The truth is, when working with an artist that is the perfect fit for you, and knows how to help with direction, the magic will unfold before your eyes.


I truly do believe that everyone deserves to be photographed and feel great about it.

Life is so precious, and it's such a beautiful thing to have ourselves and our lives documented in a very special cherish ourselves and the ones close to us, and always have emotion-filled images to look back on and truly feel that special time once again.

plant lover and queen of re-heated coffee


I'd love to get to know you, lovely, but I'm sure before that happens, you'd like to know a bit more about who I am. Well, here's the tea: 

- I'm sure almost every woman can relate, but I have sure experienced my fair share of challenges with self love myself. My journey with this is what blossomed my passion for boudoir, and I couldn't be a bigger advocate for self-acceptanceappreciating and loving the body we are each blessed with. Learning to feel confident and sexy no matter what or how much you're wearing is one of the most beautiful journeys. In other words, I am very much pro love every body! 

- On a different personal note, I recently moved from Edmonton to Calgary with my partner of 7 years, Michael, and our sweet Bernedoodle, Ted. It's been a crazy but amazing ride, and our little family has my entire heart. 

- Being outdoors (especially exploring in the mountains), is probably my favourite hobby aside from photography. Huge perk of moving to Calgary! Skiing, hiking, Jeeping, camping...I love it all!

- Lastly, I have a huge appreciation for interior decorating. I'm no expert but I just appreciate experimenting with different ways of decorating our home and making it ours. 

Okay, enough about me...if you made it this far, I'd love to connect on the gram if we haven't already - find me here: @carleee.jpg, and don't forget to shoot me a quick hello!

Headshot - 2022 - 004.jpg

Carlee was absolutely amazing, being a photographer myself I never get the chance to be behind the camera. She made me feel beautiful, helping me with posing, hyping me up, and being all around such an interesting person to talk to. She really knows what she's doing and there's no room for awkward moments. I would totally book another shoot with this lovely human.

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