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The most profound way of celebrating you and your partner's unique and heartfelt relationship.

Centre Connect Create

Preserving your love story

Hosted by Carlee Marie & Baljit Rayat

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Couples boudoir kissing
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What to Expect

Are you looking to experience deep connection and passion with your partner and have it captured in a cozy setting to celebrate in a sexy, playful way?


Take your date night to the next level!

This is for you if you both desire to:

  • Rekindle and spice up your connection.

  • Feel closer to one another.

  • Deepen your communication skills with each other.

  • Expand your senses and pleasure. 

  • Feel confident no matter what shape, size or age.

  • Celebrate your partnership.

The Benefits

This experience is designed to strengthen your relationship in multitude of ways, to ultimately rekindle, and build on the connection between you and your partner. 

Nowadays, it is easy to be in a relationship and have many distractions that create minimal time and space for connection, fun, and play.


As a result, this can also lead to very little sensual communication and impact intimacy on all levels.


With "Centre, Connect, Create", you'll be able to rediscover each other’s senses and connect on an intimate level; sensuality exploration, understanding non-verbal communication in relationships, and express your connection in an artistic space

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Couples boudoir kissing

The Experience...

You will begin by creating connection with one another and tap into your senses guided by Sexologist and Authentic Tantra Practitioner® Baljit Rayat.  


Baljit will support you in creating deep intimacy with Tantric tools that you can use as a couple whenever and wherever to spice up your life!


You are then ready to translate your sensual connection in the luxury boudoir shoot with professional boudoir photographer Carlee Marie.


Carlee will guide you as you continue to connect and will make sure you are comfortable and present with one another as she captures timeless breathtaking photos.

These images will forever be a reminder of your intimate connection as a couple, and encourage you to continue utilizing the tools discovered in your 90 minute session.


After your boudoir shoot, you may both continue your journey by planning a date or sexy time afterwards that best suits you!

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The Details



October 15, 2023

Private 90 minute session between 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Studio Atelier: 

908 17 Ave SW, suite 200A



Couples boudoir

Secure Your Spot

Couple laughing for boudoir


What do we wear?

Before your session, plan what you would like to wear. 

You have full range whether you want to wear lingerie, boxers, a t-shirt, leather chaps, birthday suit, or fully clothed; the choice is yours.


This is your time to shine as a couple, and to receive the most benefit from your session is to be comfortable with where you are so you can be present and connected, which will emanate through your photos!


Do we do any sexual acts?

Please note that your session will not include sexual acts. 

This is about deepening the connection; of course, it will naturally enhance the arousal for you both, and you will be able to expand your pleasure capacity on all levels.


Will our photos be posted on the internet? 

Nope. You will have complete privacy of your photos unless granted permission by you both as a couple.

Meet your hosts

Baljit and Carlee share many beliefs around the importance of empowerment and living very authentic, fulfilled lives. This shines through in the incredibly powerful work they do, and is even more impactful when paired together.

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