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Project RCH '04

Okay, here it is! I've been slowly working on a top secret project as the Rivercity Hornets '04 (RCH '04) softball team continued through their season this year. It has been so much fun capturing their team photos, coming to a few games to get some action shots of each athlete, and getting to know each young all star throughout the summer. After spending countless hours customizing 14 unique albums for each teammate, it's safe to say I am ridiculously excited to share with you how they turned out! Let me know what you think!

Each album is 7X7 inches - just the right size to be treasured forever, but not take up your whole living room coffee table.

On the first page of each book, there is a powerful in-studio portrait of each girl with her team in the background supporting her look of "we are ready to kick some butt".

The following page includes a small player profile to showcase not only where her strengths are as a teammate, but also some character since each girl's softball idol and favourite quote are included as well.

What is a year-end album without some in-game action shots??

To add an extra personal touch, each coach wrote a personalized note to each athlete that is showcased along side a candid photo of that coach with the player.

There is also a designated page at the back of each album for hand written inside jokes, notes, signatures, or encouraging words from all the other teammates.

Aaaaaaaand, the packaging! (Personally one of my favourite parts...) Yes, I just couldn't help but sneak some classic Double Bubble bubble gum in each bag - a classic signature of the MLB world.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour as much as I enjoyed creating these books.

If you're liking what you're seeing, come find me on Facebook and Instagram!! :)


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