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Character Study

For the portraiture class in my photographic studies at NAIT, we are required to do an assignment entitled "Character Study". The idea is to photograph an individual we are not particularly familiar with and do our best to capture their personality traits and character as an individual.

While photographing the subject, slowly they become more relaxed and show their true personality very quickly. It really is amazing to watch a subject open up to a photographer and become completely comfortable with their honest smile, body language, and conversation.

After completing the photo shoot, the model chooses two words that they think best describes themselves. Two photos are then chosen from the shoot that are the best representation of the two words chosen.

This assignment was inspired by Nicole Ashley's entire series of lovely portraits she has captured.

Anika was my fabulous model for this assignment, and getting to know her better was a privilege. I really love her spunky personality and she seems to be happy and totally pumped about life. The words she chose to describe herself were "genuine" and "exuberant". These were the photos I thought best fit these words.

What two words would you use to describe yourself?

Thats all for now,


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