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April 20, 2018

August 26, 2017

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The BEST Gadgets for Softball + Baseball

July 16, 2018

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The BEST Gadgets for Softball + Baseball

July 16, 2018

This month I wanted to share with you some of my absolute FAVORITE sports brands, products, aps, and gadgets…

Please note I am not an affiliate for any of these brands at all, I just wanted to share some cool gear and gadgets with all you awesome people!


#1 Baseballism Walk The Walk Tee


Okay so I'm a huge fan of Baseballism! They have some suuuuper sweet apparel and accessories that are great for gifts for your friends, coaches, or...you know...yourself ;) I love almost everything on their site, but their "Walk The Walk" tee is one of my faves..check it out HERE!


#2 Technique App


This app is gold, coaches (and dads/moms/players)....but seriously, coaches, you NEED this app if you don't already have it, or something similar. I use Technique to analyze athlete's form and show, in slo-motion, exactly what needs to change in that athlete's movement. You can log in all your players names, organize them in folders, and refer back to old videos to show an athlete's progress! It's instant feedback that is spectacular for the visual learner (which is almost all of the athlete's I've ever worked with). To top it off, you can even DRAW on the actual video to really demonstrate exactly the angle or position a player needs to be in. WOW!


#3 Ringors Shoes

Blowing through those cleats every year from pitching? Just hard on parts and need some good quality shoes? Ringors are by far the best cleats I've ever owned. I used to go through a pair of cleats every year from pitching, even after applying a pitching toe, and since I invested in Ringors, I haven't had to buy new ones in 4 years! They have specialty cleats with built on pitching toes (SEE HERE) to ensure your big toe stays IN your shoe. Now, I'll be honest here, probably best to wait until your feet aren't growing anymore since they are a bit on the pricey side...but they are truly amazing shoes! I also really love their turf shoes for indoor practice in the winter. 


#4 Weighted ball

As a pitching coach, I use weighted ball drills quite often and encourage pitchers to train with them at home to build arm strength. Keep in mind they need to be used properly to stay away from arm injury, but when used appropriately, they are very effective! A regular 12" softball weighs roughly 6.5 oz. and I use weighted balls between 8-10 oz. to train. I personally do not use weighted balls with any girls under the age of 14 as I do not want to risk injury. If I have a girl pitching with a heavier weighted ball, I instruct them to pitch at a maximum of 70% power at full distance.  Another option is pitching from "K". If you're interested in building arm strength with a weighted ball properly, shoot me an e-mail and I'd be happy to share some drills! 


#5 Baseballism Ducks Tee

Okay I just couldn't help but share this one from Baseballism as well...too funny!


#6 Cooling Towel

If you've never heard of a cooling towel before, today is the day! They are these extremely nifty towels that keep in the cold to cool off athletes during or after games/practices. We just throw them in a bucket of icy water and take them out as the athletes please, and they just throw them around their neck for instant relief of heat!



#7 The Quick Stick

So, my wonderful father invested in one of these for me quite a few years ago, and it was one of the best things I've ever used for hitting training. The quick stick amps up your hand-eye coordination like nobody's business. Basically, it's a super small barrel bat that you pair up with golf ball sized wiffle balls to hit from soft toss. In order to make contact with such a small ball with a super narrow bat, you godda get your timing and aim up to par. I have linked the quick stick below, and I honestly just went to Canadian Tire and bought some $3 packs of golf ball wiffles... 

PS The double ball toss is another insanely good drill to do with the quick stick... if you're unfamiliar with the drill, all you do is toss two different coloured balls up at the same time to a hitter and as you toss, say aloud what color you want her to hit. Now you're working quick thinking as well! ;)


#8 Bows

Last, but not least, I had to include some bows! These are my specially designed bows for softballers! You can order custom bows from me for your team, individual bows that match your team colors, or even little baby bows in the form of key chains! Check them out!




As of right now, you can email me at hello@carleemarie.com to order any bows!


If you have any cool baseball/softball related equipment or accessories, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!


That's all for now,












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