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My Trip to St. Louis

Just last week I got home from a great trip to St. Louis for a huge photography conference called Shutterfest!

I traveled there with a friend for the 3 day conference and of course took a couple extra days to just explore St. was amaaaaazing! I thought I could share a few thoughts and photos from our little adventure. Enjoy!

Okay so first of all, we stayed in the CUTEST little apartment thought airbnb! It was super spacious for just the two of us, and yes, of course we did a little photo shoot before we left for home...keep scrolling to check them out!

Caeleigh and I FROZE while we were down there (yes, I know, even us Canadians were super cold in the dreary weather). But, we did find some cool places to explore including the St. Louis Arch, the Cardinals stadium, and a couple cute coffee shops. We walked downtown and admired all the beautiful brick buildings EVERYWHERE ...and of course I just had to make Caeleigh come to a Cardinals game with me!

As for the conference itself, it was so great to have over 2,000 fellow photographers learning in a welcoming environment with dozens of amazing speakers and well known photographers all teaching what they know. We were surrounded by so much passion from everyone that attended and it was so great to take in so many different strategies and ideas from others. It definitely allowed us to pick up bits and pieces from each photographer we talked to and create our own way of running our own businesses.

The day before we left, Caeleigh and I decided to model/photograph each other in our quaint little living space. Here are a couple of the shots we got! You can check out more of her work here!

That's all I got for now folks!



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