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April 20, 2018

August 26, 2017

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July 16, 2018

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How To Do What You Love

May 5, 2017

Okay, I'll admit, it's been too  long since I made a blog post. In all honesty I've been struggling with what to blog ABOUT. My daily routine has been a little boring lately...not that it hasn't been ridiculously EXCITING...it's just a lot of marketing and lame business stuff. But have no fear, I do have something exciting to talk about and hopefully I can inspire you today. 


So, dreams. People love to dream. Sometimes it is considered dreaming when we sit on our bed, close our eyes, and dream of living somewhere right off a beach in California, going for a surf at sunset, having a jeep, a corvette, and a street bike, having no limit to your day and no restrictions of plans. I'm definitely guilty of occasionally finding myself in this state of mind. Although, when I think about it even more, I always find myself coming to the conclusion that my biggest dream in life is to do what I love. I think there are many people on this earth that wish they could do that too....to love their job, love their hobbies, interests, do them all and still make a ton of money. Am I right? So how on earth are you supposed to get there? Well, I have 3 things for you. 


 #1 JUMP



Now, I will admit, this one is easiest for the younger generation - I'm talking the ages of 18-25. The reason being is because right now, you have the greatest opportunity to take risks, make mistakes, and jump off that cliff you've been standing on (and I mean this figuratively...and literally if cliff jumping is something on your bucket list). Many of us, including myself at times, have such fantastic ideas, goals, and dreams; we have a plan to get there but it always requires that moment to just go for it. To jump. To go all in and believe in yourself without turning back. Imagining yourself soaring through the air while you're standing on the edge will never really get you flying. You'll never truly feel what it's like to fly and experience the success of your plans and ideas if you don't jump. Since you are still at such a young age and maybe with some sort of post secondary education, having a family, mortgage payments, and "grown up" responsibilities are far less than what they will be in the future. You have less at stake right now, and this is the best time for you to take the risk you've been wanting to. You got this, my friend. I believe in you. 




#2 Believe In Yourself


Okay, so I just told you that I believe in you and I mean it. Now you need to believe in yourself. If you have a ground breaking idea or plan in your head of what you want to do in this world, how on earth are you going to be able to convince someone else you're going to do it, if you can't convince yourself? You will be the greatest battle against yourself without a doubt. We are all always hard on ourselves than anybody else. If you can lock it up there in that brain of yours that you are GOING to do great things, and be successful, I promise you, you will be. I definitely can't say believing in yourself is always easy. Sometimes it seems as though the world is completely against you, and you just want to give up and forget about it all. Stop right there because it's simply just a phase. Hardships always pass, and nobody successful will ever tell you it's an easy path to getting where you want to be. Successful people never stop believing in themselves and continue on with their dream no matter what. 


#3 Be Persistent


Failure is normal. Failure is the best place to learn and better yourself in a way that will only bring you closer to your dreams. Much too often, people see failure as defeat which then, in turn, drives them to completely give up on what they aspire to most in life. There is nothing on this planet that hurts my soul more than people giving up on themselves. Every one of us has a purpose, and in my humble opinion, I truly believe that that purpose is what we want most in life. We all want to do what we love, which is how it should be. But WANTING to do what you love, and ACTUALLY doing what you love are completely different things. There will be ups and downs, many hardships, and times you just want to give up. But don't. Persistence is one of the most powerful tools you can use at times like this, and I think you totally have what it takes to do great things. So now go out and do it. The money will only follow if you can do it well and that beach house in California will be calling your name. 


That's all for now, stay awesome and do what YOU love,









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