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Hello world, I’m Carlee - a former high level softball player turned coach!


My ultimate goal as a coach and photographer is to INSPIRE and EMPOWER athletes in many different ways...let me share a bit about what I do.

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Over the years of playing competitive softball, I have had the opportunity to compete internationally at the Canada Cup in Surry, BC playing against Team Japan, Team Cuba, Team Dominican Republic, Team USA and Team Canada to name a few. 

As a pitcher, first baseman, and power hitter, I have medaled 6 times provincially and twice nationally with the River City Hornets as well as made the Canadian All Star Team in 2015.

I have also been fortunate to be able to work with many knowledgable and successful coaches from around the world. These include (but are not limited to):

          ~ Sharon O'Mara 

          ~ Cat Osterman 

          ~ Amanda Scarbourgh 

          ~ Don Bates 

          ~ Kim Wright 

I have been taking the experience and knowledge I've gained over the 15 years of playing softball to my students since 2013

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I believe there are many values that can be instilled through sport. All students of mine are encouraged to work hard and believe in themselves as they grow under guidance. Athletes are taught accountability, strong sportsmanship, and how to maintain a growth mindset. Aside from mentorship, I also work to build strong relationships with my students to provide them with effective feedback based on their needs. I focus on building strong, confident, and driven athletes so they can overcome negative situations, improve their technique and skill quickly, and become leaders on and off the field. 

"We've had the pleasure of working with Coach Car in both groups and individual sessions. Her ability to dissect the areas requiring work and how she communicates them in a positive, fun way ensures buy in from her students. HIGHLY recommend Coach Carlee Pilla to develop your pitcher!"


- Jack Cookson / Proud dad

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